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Cambodia's ever-growing popularity is seeing more and more travellers choose the stunning nation as an alternative to Thailand.

Although many people head solely to Angkor for its rich wealth of temples, those who look deeper will discover that Cambodia is brilliantly diverse and easy to fall for.

Bordering Thailand, Vietnam and Laos, this fascinating country’s unrivalled beauty is underpinned by a turbulent political history, and evidence of the Khymer Rouge’s brutal regime can be found at the harrowing Killing Fields, as well as around the reborn capital of Phnom Penh. Sadness and heartbreak lies beneath Cambodian life, but with that comes optimism, as the country grows stronger with every passing day.

From the quintessential rice paddies that stretch across a predominantly flat terrain, to the white sands of the southern islands, this small country contains a remarkably wide range of scenery. Dense forests cover the rugged highlands that surround the vast central plains, whilst to the west lies the largest freshwater lake in the whole of Southeast Asia. Showered with a liberal number of exquisite National Parks and wildlife sanctuaries, it’s clear that Cambodia is far from a one trick pony. An extensive array of animals comprises many endangered species, including the wonderfully weird Irrawaddy dolphin of the Mekong.

In the cities, colonial style buildings remain, juxtaposed with the colourful and ornate Khmer designs. Buzzing markets host a rich street food tradition, offering exotic delicacies suited only to the stronger-stomached traveller alongside many more familiar and appealing dishes. Phnom Penh’s tamarind and jacaranda-shaded boulevards are lined with upmarket coffee shops and lavish boutique hotels, embodying the changing fortunes of the unique city.

Cambodia is on the rise. Whether you’re a beach worshipper searching for pristine sands, a culture lover enamoured by the impossibly stunning Khmer ruins, or a historian paying tribute to the country’s tragic past, this mesmerising destination is bound to dazzle and delight.

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  • Phnom Penh

    The uniquely authentic of Cambodia's bustling capital can't help but spellbind visitors.

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  • Siem Reap

    Situated in northwestern Cambodia, Siem Reap is the gateway to the world-famous temples of Angkor.

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  • Song Saa

    An exclusive private island paradise in the Gulf of Thailand, Song Saa casts a spell of relaxation over its visitors.

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Fast facts

  • Time Difference

    GMT +7

  • Currency

    Cambodian Riel

  • Capital

    Phnom Penh

  • Flight Time

    14 hours 35 minutes

  • Best Time To Go

    October to April

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