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Combining stunning destinations with exemplary service, Ninety East is here to deliver you the luxury, tailor-made holiday of your dreams.

Explore new places and embark on once in a lifetime adventures. Enjoy relaxing beach sojourns or jam-packed sightseeing tours - the choice is yours.

Discover ancient civilisations and fascinating traditional tribes during your adventure to the Far or Middle East. A world of wonders and magical relics awaits. From the amazing temples of Cambodia's Angkor to the breathtaking architecture of the Great Wall of China, the endless sand dunes of the Arabian Gulf to the futuristic cityscapes and uninhibited opulence of the UAE, the sheer beauty and diversity of the East is incredible. Thousands of glittering landmarks make for the most stunning sights and unforgettable moments.

Whether you're a beach-worshipper simply seeking a laid-back lifestyle or an eager historian who can't wait to dive into a whole new world filled with rich cultures, famed heritage sites and awe-inspiring ruins, you will find everything you desire and more. Take a look through our destination guides and vast range of wonderful hotels and see where your heart leads you.

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